BeeCheck Flags, Poles, Signs – How to get them FREE

Yellow-and-black BeeCheck flags are currently offered through registration of apiaries to identify the locations of honeybee hives that are near crop fields. These flags serve as a visible reminder to farmers and pesticide applicators that honeybees and other pollinators are present in the area.

Once a beekeeper registers their hive location, BeeCheck flags are available through the website for $9 + shipping. If the beekeeper has their apiary near a field that uses ground sprays, BeeCheck signs are also available for purchase. Fiberglass flag poles (8′) are available online for purchase. Suggested height is 8′.

The Missouri Pollinator Conservancy Program will reimburse costs of bee flags and poles up to $25. You must submit proof of payment to

Clarification for obtaining BeeCheck flags

BeeCheck flags are available for purchase ($9 + shipping) only following registration of the apiary through FieldWatch.  Without registration the aerial or ground pesticide application will not have the lat/long of the hive to locate it while they are flying/driving. Per an email from FieldWatch:

(Name Removed for Privacy)

Thanks for registering your beehive on DriftWatch. Flags are made available to producers with approved crop fields and beehives on DriftWatch.  All crop and apiary sites that are submitted on DriftWatch first go to the Dept of Ag data steward for approval before being placed on the DriftWatch map. Once approval is made, you will receive an email notification indicating of that approval. Once that happens, log back into DriftWatch, click on your site and the information box that pops up will have the link to purchase signs on line.
Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any problems.
Thanks again,
Reid Sprenkel
President, FieldWatch Inc.