• March 21, 2016 News Story:
    • The Delta Research Center has established an apiary at the Lee Farm for research purposes. The Entomology department will be studying the effects of various management protocols on the production of honey. In other words, we will be developing an economic threshold for the production of honey as a specialty crop.

    • The Delta Research Center will be selling honey from their apiary with all proceeds benefiting the Missouri Pollinator Conservatory Program. If you would like to purchase honey ($4 for 8 oz, $7 for 160z), please use this form: 

    • The Delta Research Center will be hosting beekeeping classes to beginning and intermediate beekeepers starting Fall of 2015. Registration is required. More details will be posted here in the upcoming months.

    • MO Pollinator Conservancy Program will have a booth at the MO State Beekeepers Association meeting this October.  You can register an apiary on DriftWatch if you are already a beekeeper and take home a free flag pole for your BeeCheck flag; and you can make a donation to the program for bee research in Missouri.

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