Benefits of Membership in the Program

This program is now under non-profit status.

Membership fees are used to directly benefit the pollinator program for apiaries in the Midwest.

Beekeeper Class benefits. Because this program is conservation and education based, we will be reimbursing up to 50% of the class fee for the members who have enrolled in Midwest Master Beekeeping Program courses. Reimbursement amounts are dependent on current year funding. If you wish to be considered for these funds, send a letter addressed to: Midwest Master Beekeeper Program, Discount Program, PO Box 582, Parma, MO 63870, with your name, address, email address, and class location of interest.

Benefits to beekeepers. The money raised through membership dues is used for publishing brochures, postage, travel to Extension and beekeeper meetings, and reimbursement to beekeepers for BeeCheck flags and poles.

We hope to be able to reimburse beekeepers in late Fall 2018 for vet visits for antibiotic treatments of their bees.


Thank you for your support of pollinators!

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