The Missouri Pollinator Conservancy Program was started in March 2015 to protect honey bees and pollinators by increasing communication between pesticide applicators, grower consultants, and beekeepers. The program collaborated with Driftwatch.org to give spatial and visual tools that would alert pesticide applicators to nearby beehives.

The program provides education to beekeepers, growers, and insecticide spray applicators through brochures and presentations throughout the Midwest in hopes of reducing accidental bee kills.

As one of the goals of the non-profit, we will be reimbursing beekeepers who register on Driftwatch with their purchase BeeCheck flags, poles, or signs to protect their apiary.

We hope to be able to reimburse beekeepers in late Fall 2018 for vet visits for antibiotic treatments of their bees.

Your membership in this program will give you voting rights as to how the money is spent to benefit beekeepers.