The Missouri Pollinator Conservancy Program was started in March 2015 to protect honey bees and pollinators by increasing communication between pesticide applicators, grower consultants, and beekeepers. The program collaborated with Driftwatch.org to give spatial and visual tools that would alert pesticide applicators to nearby beehives.

Beekeepers are encouraged to register their hives on the programs’s website (https://mo.driftwatch.org/). Participation is voluntary, and beekeepers can limit what information (i.e. map coordinates of beehives) is available through public viewing. Beehive locations are kept confidential by a license agreement between pesticide applicators and use of DriftWatch™. Beekeepers do not need to worry about their personal information being sold or distributed without consent.

As an interim part of the Entomology lab of Dr. Moneen Jones, the program also provides opportunity for bee research at the apiary established at Delta Research Center, Portageville, MO. There, research is conducted to determine the best management practices of apiary management in Missouri. This research is currently donation-based only, so please give generously through our funding site, so that our research can continue to study ways to protect honey bees in Missouri.